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The English Civil War Society

The main aim of the English Civil War Society is to stimulate interest in the authentic re-creation of seventeenth century military and civil life and in so doing we endeavour to entertain and instruct our own members and the visitors to our events. We do this by continually striving for

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For membership enquiries please visit the Joining the ECWS page or if you want to make an enquiry about staging an event please use the Information for Clients page. For all other enquiries please choose one of the following from the drop-down list on the contact form at the bottom

12 facts about the Stuarts

They immediately succeeded the Tudors, and reigned over some of the most monumentally changeable times in British history – civil war, rebellion, the beheading of a king, plague outbreaks, a disastrous fire and a successful foreign invasion. Yet the Stuarts remain a largely overlooked dynasty The Stuarts reigned from 1603 to

The lost library of John Dee

The Royal College of Physicians library holds more than 100 volumes stolen from John Dee during his lifetime, the largest single collection of Dee’s books in the world. Visit our exhibition: ‘Scholar, courtier, magician: the lost library of John Dee’ - 18 January 2016 to 29 July 2016

17th century watch fetches almost £1 million at auction

A WATCH made by a 17th century Scots watchmaker has fetched almost £1 million at auction. The timepiece, a Royal oval astronomical watch with an engraved portrait of King James VI and I, had an estimate of up to £250,000 but sold for £989,000 at Sotheby's in London. To learn more, follow

Archaeology of the English Civil War in Wiltshire

The Archaeology of the English Civil War in Wiltshire is a large project being directed by WAFG members, Clive Dobson, Dan Miles and Jon Sanigar. This project aims to extensively record all English Civil War archaeology in the county, from battlefield site surveys to structural surveys, and artefact analysis to

Prides Purge 6th December 1648

In 1648, King Charles I was in captivity at Carisbrooke Castle and the first stage of the English Civil War was over. The Long Parliament issued a set of demands for the future government of the Kingdom and sent commissioners to negotiate with the King over the terms of the

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You don’t have to imagine the roar of cannons, the crackle of musketry, the clash of armour, the thunder of horses hooves and the beating of drums. You can see and hear the drama of a civil war battle being recreated by members of The English Civil War Society. Smell