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What We do

Introduction We can be very flexible about the type of events we stage but most of them will fall into one or more of the categories decribed here, and we can mix and match these categories to suit venues. Battles Battles, or major musters as we prefer to call them, provide an opportunity

Joining the ECWS

Roundhead or Cavalier? Musketeer, pikeman, artilleryman or horse trooper? Or perhaps you would prefer a non-combat role as a drummer or campfollower or demonstrator of a 17th century trade or craft? The choice is yours when you step back into the 1640s as a member of the English Civil War

Our Event List

Picture Courtesy of Jac Le Roux New events will be added as they become confirmed. Please click on an event name to view the blog post about it, unless it is listed in italic letters, which indicates that we do not yet have enough information about that event to create a

The Kings Army

The King’s Army is an organisation of enthusiasts who gather together at ‘musters’ throughout the country during the ‘campaigning season’, which lasts from March to October, to re-enact events of the English Civil Wars. The main aim of this Society and its adversary the Roundhead Association, which together constitute the

The Roundhead Association

The Roundhead Association is part of The English Civil War Society, which is dedicated to the re-enactment of life during the English Civil War period. The Roundhead Association represent the Parliamentarians. Our army is made up of a number of Brigades whose Regiments take their names and uniforms from those of