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The Royal Armouries holds the most extensive collection of Civil War arms and armour in the country, as well as a number of military manuals, paintings and prints from the period. The museum is also home to the finest surviving Civil-War-era armoury from Littlecote House. Our Study Day coincides with the

Wythenshawe Hall built in 1540 has been badly damaged in a huge fire

Wythenshawe Hall built in the 16th century has suffered severe damage to its roof and upper floors after a fire broke out. The blaze started in the roof of Wythenshawe Hall in the early hours of Tuesday morning at approximately 03:30 (GMT), according to Greater Manchester Police Fire and Rescue Service

This Day in History: March 10th

Charles I of England, Scotland and Ireland has been called England’s most ill-fated monarch. On March 10, 1629, he dissolved Parliament and had several members imprisoned, beginning the 11-year period known as the Personal Rule. This set into motion the events that led to the English Civil War and the death