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Coins buried during English Civil War found on farm

More than 1,000 silver coins buried on the "front line" during the English Civil War have been discovered in a farmer's field in Lincolnshire. The hoard of 17th Century coins was found by metal detector user Steven Ingram near the village of Ewerby. Council finds officer Adam Daubney said the discovery was

Commandery revamp to boost city heritage

A MAJOR project to bring to life Worcester’s Civil War story at The Commandery will become a reality after a £356,000 cash injection. The landmark city heritage site is embarking on the project to improve its visitor offering after securing £260,000 from Worcester City Council and £96,000 from the Heritage Lottery

The Execution of King Charles I

“ ... in that very hour when he was thus wickedly murdered in the sight of the sun, he had as great a share in hearts and affections of his subjects in general, was as much beloved, esteemed and longed for by the people ... as any of his predecessors