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Basing House, Hampshire 16 & 17 October

Basing House. Home of the Paulet family, Marquesses of Winchester and fiercely loyal to the Crown. Often compared to Hampton Court Palace. Guarding the main road from London to the Royalist stronghold of the south west. As such it was an obvious target for the armies of Parliament who besieged it three times, before it finally fell in October 1645, when Cromwell himself arrived with a large force including siege train. The remaining 200 or so men inside had no chance. The house was stormed and the Marquess taken prisoner, with many of the others inside faring even less fortunately. The house was then destroyed with the bricks being taken away to build new houses for the local population.
Come along to the ruins of Basing over the weekend of the 16th and 17th October, and meet the Marquess of Winchester’s Regiment, a group of re-enactors who will show you the sights, sounds and smells of the seventeenth century. A chance to find out more about those troublesome times which did so much to form modern Britain and to honour those who fought and fell in that very location.