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Basing House – the ruins revisited

(Image courtesy of Steve Liddle)

The Marquess of Winchester’s splendid residence was besieged three times during the English Civil War, finally falling to Oliver Cromwell in October 1645. The house was then completely destroyed with many of the bricks being used to rebuild the local village of Old Basing. 
The Marquess of Winchester’s Regiment will be returning to their spiritual home over the weekend of 28th and 29th September to commemorate this event and to show aspects of life, both military and civilian, of the period. They will be joined by friends from other regiments of both the King’s Army and the Roundhead Association. There will drill displays and skirmish re-enactments at intervals over the weekend, plus a living history display running the whole time the site is open.
The weekend will conclude with a short ceremony to remember the events which happened there in the 1640s and to lower the Royal Standard and lodge it for safe keeping over the winter.

Basing House