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Newbury 23rd – 24th June 2018

   Press Release No.1  Timetable of events  Sponsorship  The 1st Battle of Newbury - History Newbury – Bringing the Seventeenth Century Alive! The Newbury I Event Committee Press Release No.1 375 years on – on 23 June and 24 June 2018 the Newbury I Event Committee have engaged The English Civil War Society to re-enact some of the

The English Civil War comes to Tonbridge May 5th – 6th

The English Civil War comes to Tonbridge 1643 May 5th – 6th  Civil War Kent is often assumed to be solidly behind the Parliament in its struggle against King Charles I, but this is an oversimplification. As in most areas, there were sympathisers for both sides but with the County in

Pikes and Plunder 2 at Queen’s Sconce and Newark Castle

Pikes and Plunder Annual Civil War Festival Text -  from the National Civil War Centre website ‌‌‌Sunday 6th - Monday 7th May ‌Over 300 civil war re-enactors will descend on Newark during early May Bank Holiday as the clock is turned back to the turbulent mid-17th century.‌ The 4th Annual Pikes and Plunder Civil War Festival will