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Gloucester Docks and The Commemorative March, 23rd – 24th April

Information for The Public On the Roundhead Association Living History 23rd April 2016 at Llanthony Priory, access via Gloucester Docks entrance and The Commemorative March 24th April 2016

Saturday 23 April 2016,

11am – 3pm Living History in the grounds of

Llanthony Priory, towards the Docks side

12 am Siege of Gloucester Walk – leaving Llanthony Priory and finishing at the City Museum

 Sunday 24th April 2016

10.15 am Ceremony of the Colours
10.35 am March departs for Westgate St., going into City, and stopping near St. Nicholas Church.

The route will be via the lifting bridge and docks; Cavalry will divert then rejoin the Army via Southgate Street and Westgate Street to junction with Cathedral Road.

Both Horse and our Cannon will probably stop outside The Shire Hall during the Wreath laying – and will be happy to talk to the public. Later – around 11:45 the infantry will rejoin them for the return march to Llanthony Priory, which we regret, will not be open afterwards, but talk to us en route.

The History is –

On the 24th March 1643 Waller and Massie defeated Lord Herbert at Highnam, near Gloucester. Welsh Royalist Prisoners and captured cannon were bought into Gloucester after the skirmish and the soldiers left in St.Mary de Lode Church. Waller then left a force under Massie in Gloucester. His headquarters was in the Old Crown Inn. The City Regiment was then formed and called “The Governors Regiment”, defending the City during the Siege LATER in the Civil War.

The other Parliamentary Regiment was the Earl of Stamfords. The broken regiment of Dragoons under Colonel Forbes, from Berkeley Castle shared in the defence of Gloucester during the siege, later on, as did the Regiment of Colonel Devereux.

There was a dedicated team of 16 ‘canoneers’ and 24 ‘matrosses’ under the master gunner Ellis Powell. Captain Catchmay commanded a mobile unit of the train of artillery. Captain Robert Backhouse led a troop of horse, and Captain Richard Bannaster, a troop of dragoons.

The Saturday tour is by Christopher King.

For further details E-mail

Text 07860540949.

Chris King of Captayne Henry Hazzards Company of Firelocks.

Or E-mail

07810 858162

Roger Emmerson of Captayne Henry Hazzards Company of Firelocks