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Hawick Reivers Festival

Step back in time to the mid sixteenth century when the Borderlands were an area of constant feuding – when loyalties were to kinship rather than king and country and when “Reiving” was a means of survival.

Through music, drama and re-enactments experience what life was really like for the men and women in the Border Marches.

Hawick Reivers Festival aims to help visitors and townsfolk alike Experience, Explore and will endeavour to Explain day to day life in this violent and turbulent period of our history.

Fiercely loyal and independent, hard-working and prepared to fight for what they believed in these men and women of the 1500’s did much to shape the character of the modern day Borderers.

Loudoun’s regiment of the English Civil War society will be joining the festival on Saturday 23rd March, providing a demonstration of the drill and weaponry of the period, which ended some forty years before the Civil Wars.

Loudoun’s Regiment

Hawick Reivers Festival