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Lord Hopton’s at Stonham Barn

On June 29th – 30th Lord Hopton’s Regiment of Foote and friends from fellow regiments will be taking part in a Multi-period history festival at Stonham Barns, Suffolk. Although specifically bearing no major Civil War significance. Nearby Ipswich was a strong Puritan stronghold. No military action took place there throughout the war however it is a sign of how trusted the community was in its support of parliament’s cause, that England’s eastern supply of gunpowder, and much of its shot, was moved from Cambridge to Ipswich during the conflict as a measure to increase its security.

In terms of our activity at the event, a living history encampment will be erected, consisting of a cobbler, cheese making, officers pavillion and more. Each day we will hold an authentic drill display. Finally on both days the royalist forces will be challenging the strength of the local Ipswich trayned bandes during a small skirmish scenario with an estimated eighty combatants.