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Newbury 23rd – 24th June 2018 – Update 10th June


 Press Release No.2

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Newbury – Bringing the Seventeenth Century Alive!

The Newbury I Event Committee

Press Release No.3

The countdown has begun to the re-enactment of the historic First Battle of Newbury! The English Civil War Society will recreate elements of the battle on a part of the original battlefield – 375 years on from the fierce struggle. 20,000 Parliament troops under the Earl of Essex had to try to break through the Royalist lines to get back to London and the King and Prince Rupert were determined to stop them. Both sides were more or less evenly matched for numbers of cavalry infantry and artillery.

The Parliamentary infantry gained ground on Round Hill in the centre of the battle with support from their artillery. Come and see the Parliament’s artillery battery being set up in the original position.


Next to them will be a Living History encampment representing the people of Newbury in 1643. They will be on display all day with live demonstrations of period activities and crafts. Join in the fun and try on some armour or try writing with a quill pen!  See the herbalist, a working forge and printing press and hear seventeenth century music.

During the morning the Infantry, Cavalry and Artillery will display their skills and the battle will be re-enacted  in the afternoon. Come and see the standards flying, drums beating and the live action re-enacted with muskets and artillery pieces firing, cavalry charging and the clash of pikemen with their 16 feet long pikes.

Where is it? Cope Hall Park off Cope Hall Lane, near Skinner’s Green When is it? Saturday 23rd June and Sunday 24th June. Gates open at 11.00am until 5.00pm. Parking is free.

Advance tickets (£5 adults, £10 for a family of 2 adults and 2 children) are available from Budgens (Essex St), West Berks Museum, Newbury Building Society (Newbury and Thatcham) and Tesco (Pinchington Lane).

Admission £6 Adults, £2 for children (age 5-15) or £14 Family on the day.

Further details from [Peter Wilson 07584 599102]


The Newbury I event sponsors

Sir Richard Sutton Ltd

  The Greenham Trust has very kindly offered to match every £1 donated through the Good Exchange with another £1 up to £5000.  Please click the logo above to make a donation.