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Picture credit – Jac Le Roux

Only confirmed events are listed. New events will be added as they become confirmed.

Following the red hyperlinks will take you to a blog post about that event.

Events listed in bold are ‘major musters’ to which the entire Society is invited. Other events are organised by individual regiments and are usually smaller.

    • Events 2019
    • 27th January – Whitehall
    • 23rd March – Hawick Reiver Festival
    • 30th – 31st March – Cheriton March and Commemoration
    • 19th – 22nd April (Easter weekend) – Caerphilly Castle
    • 5th – 7th May – Queens Sconce, Newark, Nottinghamshire
    • 18th – 19th May – Moseley Old Hall, Wolverhampton
    • 29th – 30th June – Stonham Barns, Ipswich. Festival of History
    • 27th – 28th July – Marlborough
    • 7th – 8th September – Walton Hall Gardens, Warrington